Prof. Huang Zhiqun & Prof. Chen Han from SGS Publishes Research Results in Nature Communications


Theresearch team offorest plant diversity and soil biological processesof the School of Geographical Sciences havemade important breakthroughs in the study of the relationship between plant diversity and soil microorganisms. Andtheirrelated results were published in Nature Communicationsin the form of the paper Meta-analysis shows positive effects of plant diversity on microbial biomass and respiration(2019, DOI: 10.1038/s41467-019-09258-y)(IF=12.35.

Soil microorganisms are key to biological diversity and many ecosystem processes in terrestrial ecosystems.However, it isstillunclear how plant diversity affects soil microorganisms. Througha global meta-analysis ofpaired observations of plant mixtures and mono-cultures from 106 studies, the studyshowsthat across global terrestrial ecosystems, plant diversity has great impact on soil microbial biomass,formations and functions and plays an important role inmaintaining the underground ecosystem.The corresponding authors of the study are Prof. Huang Zhiqun and Prof. Chen Han from the School of Geographical Sciences, Fujian Normal University. And the study was funded by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (Grant No.:RGPIN-2014–04181, RTI-2017–00358, STPGP428641) and the Natural Science Foundation of China for Distinguished Young Scholars (Grant No.:31625007).

Nature Communicationsis a publication of Nature Publishing Group that publishes research papers from all areas of the natural sciences, representingimportant advances within each field. And thepapers are of great significance in both scientific research and application, providingimportant reference for the innovation and development of various fields.In the newly-released2017 Journal Citation Reports(JCR), Nature Communicationsranks third amongthe global multidisciplinary journals, only next toNatureand Science.

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(Translated by Lin Lifen, Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)


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