The Engineering Discipline of FNU Ranked Among Top 1% of ESI Globally


As is released by the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) in May 2019, the engineering discipline of FNU is now among the top 1% of ESI global ranking, for the first time, following the chemistry discipline, which is the first ofFNU to be on the ESI global list.

In this reference period (January 2009-February 2009), 1420 institutions met the highly cited threshold for engineering, set at 2,494 times. The engineering discipline of FNU ranks 1408th, with 283 papers selected, among which 8 highly cited papers. The total citations hit2,532 times, the citations per paper 8.95 times.

ESI is a basic analytical evaluation tool developed by the Institute for Scientific Information in 2001 to measure scientific research performance and track scientific development trends. It is mainly based on the papers published during the last 10 years in periodicals listed in the SCI/SSCI (Science Citation Index/ Social Sciences Citation Index). ESI analyzes papers of 22 subject areas and publishes global rankings. Currently, ESI has become one of the most important indicators worldwide for evaluating the academic level and influence of universities, academic institutions, and countries/regions.

Translated by Wen Shuxian / Reviewed by Lin Bin


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