The Second Overseas Talent Forum Opens in FNU


In the morning of May 13, the 2nd Overseas Talent Forum openedin Hongda Hall onQishan CampusofFNU.Liang Jianhui, deputy director of the Talent Office and director of the Research Center for Talent Developmentofthe Organization Department of Fujian Provincial Committee of the CPC, Xu Zhiyong, director of the Teachers’ Work Division of Fujian Provincial Department of Education, leaders of FNU,including Wang Changping, Pan Yuteng and Zheng Jiajian, heads of relevant departments,headsof colleges, and 58 overseas talentsattended the opening ceremony, presided over by Pan Yuteng , deputy secretary of FNUParty Committee.

The forum wasdirected attalents from all over the world and about 330 registration materialshave been received. After evaluation and selection, 58 young talents,from 57 prestigiousuniversities andresearch institutes in 20 countries and regions, attendedthe forum,coveringalmost every discipline (field) of FNU.

In his speech,FNU President Wang Changping, on behalf of FNU, extended a warm welcome to the present guests and the young talents. Usingthethree colors ofred, blue and greensymbolically, he comprehensively introduced the evolutionof FNU, and thesituationsof running FNU. He pointed outthat the century-old FNU boastsfine traditions,and offers a promising platformto start up businesses and pursue dreams. He also sincerely invited overseas talents to join FNUto jointlymove forward, struggle and create a beautifulfuture for FNU.

In his speech, Mr.Liang Jianhui, on behalf of the Talent Office, the Talent Divisionof the Organization Department,and theResearch Centerfor Talent Development of Fujian Provincial Committeeof the CPC, expressed a warm welcome to the young talentsfrom all over the world, fully affirmed the talent-introducingwork of FNU, especiallyintroduced the 5 significant talent measures and Fujian provincial talent programs aimed atdeepening the reform and opening up, and cordially welcomedoverseas talents to Fujian Province for exchangesand common development.

After the opening ceremony, the head of the Personnel Department and Office of the High-Level Talents of FNU,interpreted the talent policy and presided overthe thematic reports.Prof.Huang Xinyiwith FNU, young Changjiang scholar andwinnerof the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, Doc.LuLi Qianqian,an overseas talent from Indonesian University, and Doc. Zhang Xiao,a GermanHumboldt Scholar,respectively made an academic report. Besides, the overseas talents visited the library of FNU, itsexhibition hall and affiliated schools, and investigated the school’s teaching and scientific research conditions. Theyalsoattendedsub-forums held by colleges, conductin-depth academic exchanges about relevant disciplinesand negotiatetheiremploymentintentionagreements.

(Translated byHuang Lijun,Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)


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