International Conference on Chinese Cinema in the 21st Century: New Forms, New Issues and New Trends Was Hosted by School of Communication


From May 11th to 12th, School of Communication hosted an International Conference on Chinese Cinema in the 21stCentury: New Forms, New Issues and New Trends in Fuzhou. More than 100 people attended the opening ceremony including Rao Shuguang, researcher and Director of the Film Art Center of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles (CFLAC), Zhou Xing, Director of Advisory Committee of Drama and Film Studies of Ministry of Education and Professor of School of Arts and Communication of Beijing Normal University, Pan Yuteng, Deputy Party Secretary of FNU, experts and scholars from the United States, France, South Korea and Hong Kong, as well as leaders and teachers and students representatives from School of Communication of FNU.

Mr. Pan Yuteng extended warm welcome to the experts and scholars at home and abroad, and briefly introduced the development of FNU and School of Communication. He believed that the conference would establish a good platform for strengthening international exchanges and cooperation and FNU will push the development of Drama and Film Studies to a new high by fully assimilatingthe perspicacityfromexperts and scholars.Professor Zhou Xing thought highly of the achievements of School of Communication in recent years, and briefed the guests on the new measures and requirements of the Ministry of Education in education and teaching reform, professionals training, discipline construction and evaluation, and aesthetic education.

It is reported that this conference consists of three main forums and two sub-forums, focusing on topics such as new spaces, new approaches and new opportunities for the development of Chinese cinema.

(Translated by Zheng Lizhen and reviewed by Chen Fang)


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