The 19th Anniversary Celebration of HK Alumni Association & Inauguration for the 9th Board of Supervisors


On May 19, the inauguration ceremony was held in North Point, Hong Kong. The attendees includedZhu Feng, head ofTaiwan Affairs Departmentof theLiaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Zhen Zongqing, vicegeneral manager of Hua Min (Hong Kong) Group, Guo Minghua, chairman of the Federation ofAlumniAssociations of Chinese Colleges and Universities in Hong Kong, Fang Ping, chairman of AmoyUniversity HK Alumni Association, Li Hong,chairman of Fuzhou University HK Alumni Association, Zhuang Chaoan, chairman of Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine HKAlumni Association, Ye Peihui,chairman of, Zhang Yaxiang, chief supervisor of, Lu Xiangqian, tenured honorary chairman of , Huang Biyun, Li Zuze and Zhu Laoguang, honorary chairpersons of, and Shi Jiaobin and Ye Shaoming, chairmen ofthe 9thBoard of Supervisors of Hong Kong Alumni Association, leaders of FNU HK Alumni Association,and other people involved.

Ye Peihui extended a warm welcome totheguests present and the delegationsfrom different universities,and claimed that the Hong Kong Alumni Association would linkall the sectors of HKand the alma maters, promoting their exchanges and cooperation, and thus making greater contributions to the construction and development of the universitiesand the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong.

On behalf of FNU, leaderof theFNU HKAlumni Associationwarmly congratulatedthe new board of supervisors ontheirtaking office, hopingthat theywouldcontinue to support the reform and development of the universities, and promote the construction of high-level and double A-class universities.

Guo Minghua,on behalf of the Federation ofAlumniAssociations of Chinese Colleges and Universities in Hong Kong, and Zhang Yaxiang,on behalf of the new board of supervisors, delivered a speechrespectively. At the ceremony, the FNU HK Alumni Associationand the HongKong Alumni Association exchanged souvenirs. The ceremony closed successfullywith a variety of wonderful performances.

(Translated by Hao Dongmei, Reviewed by XieXiujuan)


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