FNU Actively Participates in the 17th China Cross-Straits Technology and Projects Fair


The 17th China Cross-Straits Technology and Projects Fair(CCSTPF) was held at the Straits International Conference and Exhibition Center (SICEC) in Fuzhou from June 17 to 21. At the fair, revolving around the theme of “FNU making efforts to advance ecological civilization”, the independent pavilion of FNU highlighted ecological civilization advancement, clean manufacturing, targetedpoverty alleviation, and environmental monitoringand displayed the achievements made in recent years by College of Geographical Sciences, College of Life Science, College of Environmental Science and Engineering, College of Mathematics and Informatics, and College of Tourism in 13 fields, such as infrastructure and research platform, soil and water conservation and water source protection, disaster prevention and mitigation andearly warning forecast, major natural resources survey in Fujian Province, tourism planning and green travel, urban solid waste and recyclingandutilization of resources, collaboration of the mountains and the sea and green development, in the form of sand tables, together with corresponding physical exhibits. The scientific and technological development achievementsof clean manufacturing by Quangang Petrochemical Research Institute of FNU and of collaboration of the mountains and the sea and targetedpoverty alleviation by the Yongtai affiliate of FNU technology transfer center were manifested through the layout and physical exhibits.

On the afternoon of June 19, accompanied by FNU President Wang Changping, Zhang Zhinan, member of the standing committee of Fujian provincial party committee and executive vice governor, paid a special visit to the pavilionof our school and patiently listened to the research group on Contactless Manned HighTemperature Superconducting Magnetic Levitation TrainfromCollege of Physics and Energy of FNU, and gave full affirmation and high expectations to our schoolsperformance. Besides, leaders from the National Center for Education Development Research and the Education Department of Fujian Province, leaders from Zhangzhou and other cities, and experts and entrepreneurs from different fields,visited our pavilion and offered guidance.

On the afternoon of June 19, FNU, the Education Department of Fujian Province, the Department of Science and Technology of Fujian Province, and Fujian Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, jointly successfully hosted a roadshow ofAchievements of New and High TechnologicalProjectsat FNUunder the theme of “Government-Driven Interface betweenScience and Technology andIndustries, and Integrationof Projects with Capital”, and invited nearly 20 venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, industry experts for commenting from Fujian Province and beyond to attend the promotion activity, where Ye Ling, deputy inspector of the Education Department of Fujian Province, and Wang Changping, President of FNU, made a speech respectively. Ten roadshow projects were offered, such as Drug Micro-sphere Technology Development, StomachRPRM Gene Methylation Detection, Manned HTS Maglev Train Core Technology Development, Research, Development and Applicationof X-ray Spectrum Analysis Instrument of Functional Metal Elements, Aquaculture Microbial Purification System and Waste-water Treatment System, and more than 300 projects of proprietarytechnology and patent resultswerepromoted, which involvedelectronic information, new materials, bio-pharmaceuticals, bio-medicine, aquaculture, rail transit, equipment manufacturing and other high-tech fields. After the event, Fujian Mindong Rejuvenation Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Fujian South Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd., signed investment intention agreements with FNU. Science and Technology Daily, Fujian Daily, Fujian Education Television Station, Southeast Network and other media have reported it.

During the fair, Li Baoyin, secretary of FNU Party Committee, President Wang Changping and Pan Yuteng, deputy secretary of FNU Party Committee, respectively attended Fujian business conference, Fujian Provincial party committee special signing ceremony, university project achievementsinterfacesigning ceremony and the plaque awarding ceremonyof Academician Su Guohui Workstation. And College of Physics and Energy held a theme-day activity of AmazingPhysics +on the spot.

(Translated by Huang Lijun, Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)


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