FNU Think Tank Gets Honored by the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee & Fujian Provincial People’s Government for Serving the BRICS Xiamen Summit


Recently, the Fujian provincial summary meeting for preparations of service security forthe BRICS Xiamen Summit opened in Fuzhou. You Quan, Secretary of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee, delivered a speech at the meeting, chaired by Yu Weiguo, Governor of Fujian Provincial Peoples Government. Fujian Provincial leaders, Zhang Zhinan, Wang Ning, Gao Xiang, Pei Jinjia, Wang Hongxiang, Huang Qiyu, Yang Xianjin, Wang Huimin, and Li Dejin attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Liang Jianyong, Member and Secretary-General of the Standing Committee of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee read out the notification that the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee& Fujian Provincial Peoples Governmenthonor the advanced collectives and individualsin preparations of service security forthe BRICS Xiamen Summit.FNU National Economic Comprehensive Competitiveness Research Branch Center (the Center) was awarded as Advanced Collective in preparations of service security forthe BRICS Xiamen Summit. Professor Huang Maoxing, executive deputy director of the Center, and Lan Xiaolin, a doctoral student, were awarded as Advanced Individuals in preparations of service security forthe BRICS Xiamen Summit.

Establishedin January, 2006, and headed by Professor Li Jianping,anex-president of FNU,the Center gradually focused oncompetitiveness research, a characteristic direction, touching uponsuch key research areas asregional economy, environment, free trade zone, talent, international strategic issues, ecological civilization, achievinga lotof important research results, havinga positive influence both at home and abroad, and thus becoming an influential well-known think tank in our country.In 2016, the Center was amongthe first selected source list of ChineseThink TankIndex. In 2008,after the global financial crisisbroke out, the Center immediately carriedout the national innovation competitiveness research, targetingthe Group of 20 (G20).The Center has issued five yellow books on G20 national innovation and competitiveness development reportandthree G20 research reports concerning hoteconomic topics, whichhave been highly recognized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and some other ministerial-level agencies, thus becomingan influentialimportant think-tankin researching G20.In January 2016, in view of the Centers rich research experience in G20, Professor Huang Maoxing, executive deputy directorof the Center, and Associate ProfessorLin Shoufu,were hired as G20 Chinese high level experts, deeply involved in the drafting and discussing related outcome documents about the G20 Hangzhou Summitheld inSeptember 2016.

In November 2016, in order to make the best of the strategic opportunityprovided by the BRICS Xiamen Summit and its rich research experience in G20, the Center offered a team of more than 20 people researching BRICS forefront issues, with 10 sub-projects as its research content. Supported and impelled by Fujian Federation of Social Science Circles, the Center undertook the task of compiling An Overview of the BRICSSummit, officially published by Fujian People's Publishing House in March 2017and highly praised by Gao Xiang, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee and Minister of the Publicity Department. In January 2017, the Ministry of Science and TechnologyentitledProfessor Huang Maoxing and Associate ProfessorLin Shoufuas BRICS Countries Scientific and Technological InnovationHigh Level Experts, involvingthem in drafting and discussing documents like BRICS Countries Scientific and Technological Innovation Action Plan.

In the light ofthe established research ideasand schedule, the Center members submittedmore than 10 reports on BRICS special subjects to Fujian Provincial BRICS Office, General Office of CCCPC, Ministry of Education of Science and Technology Committee, etc., and the reports have been givenimportant instructions and recognition by leaders at different levels.Meanwhile, the Center continued researching BRICS forefront issues and published Face to Face with 2017: Hot Focusesof the BRICSSummitandthe BRICSCountries Comprehensive Innovation Competitiveness Development Report (2017)in July and August respectively, which were widely reported by themainstream media, such as the Xinhua News Agency, China News Agency, CCTV, People's Daily, Guangming Daily, Economics Daily, witha positive response, and which made the Centers or the think tanks voices heard in the BRICS Xiamen Summit and came up with think tank suggestions.Before and during the BRICS Xiamen Summit, Professor Huang Maoxing and other researchers of the Centertook an active part in some high-level BRICS symposiums like the BRICScountries think-tankseminar,the BRICScountries think-tankpolitical parties and civil society meetings, the BRICScountries country-governing seminar, actively offering suggestions for the BRICS Xiamen Summit. They also published several qualityarticles on the BRICS forefrontissues in Guangming Daily and China Social.

The Centers servingthe BRICS Xiamen Summitwas honored by the CPC Fujian Provincial Committeeand Fujian Provincial Peoples Government, which was a recognition fortheCentersability toservelocal economic and social development, a fulldisplay of the Centersresearch ability and service abilityandwill help pushthe Center towards becoming a national high-level think tank.

(Translated by Xie XiujuanReviewed byLin Mingjin )


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