The Online Learning Platform ( Launches The Story of Xiadang, Produced by College of Foreign Languages


Recently, Fujian learning platform of xuexi.cnlaunched the original English feature, The Story of Xiadang, produced by College of Foreign Languages, Fujian Normal University.

The film wasscripted, directed and acted by teachers and students of CFL.Featuring General Secretary Xi Jinping's three visits to XiadangTownship, the film employsdocumentary techniques to highlight the vivid storiesof Xi Jinping(then secretary of the CPC Ningde Prefectural Committee of Fujian province)visitingXiadang Townshipto conduct research in July 1989.At the same time, the film focuses on the contrast between the past and the present, presenting to the audiencethe new poverty reliefmodelsof Xiadang Townshipand the presentlook of a moderately prosperouslife, so that the world willgeta better understanding about China throughthe stories offighting againstpovertyin rural areas in China.

(Translated byYe Zhi/Reviewed byXie Xiujuan)


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