Special for the Anniversary: Join Us to Enjoy the Classical Music


Nov. 6th, 2017

This afternoon, the concert hall rang

not only with melodious solo,

but withmost upliftingsymphony.

Listen! There comesFlyingDragon, Leaping Tigersand Cooing and Wooing echoes with love.

Anart feast is ready to delight our eyes and please our ears.

Traditional Orchestral Ensemble: FlyingDragon, Leaping Tigers

When the conductor raised his baton,the performance began, with drums, urheensand cellosand other instruments in concerto, sending waves of excitement through theaudience. The musical notesleaped and dancedwithrhythm, vividly presenting to our imagination the dragons flying and tigers leaping.

Soprano Solo: wooing

Dressed in white, accompaniedon the piano, the soprano pouredout affectionatelythe pain of longing for her beloved and the great joy of eventual realization of the dream.

Chamber Music: The Dream of China

The black and white keys tinkled on the piano, reminding us of the fountain that flowed with a merry gurgle; Chinese ancient zitherGuqin, tranquilize our soul with its typical lightness, cleanness and remoteness conveyed by every note plucked and every string pressed. While Bamboo flute, the cello, the viola, the violin—various musical instruments, interweaved their sounds and performed a fabulous chapter of Chinese dream.

Male-Female Duet

UkraineComedy Where the hell have you been

from Sapress by the Danube (апорожець за Дуна?м)

Confronted by his wifes aggressive questioning, the wrongedhusband, afterbeggingforgivenessrepeatedly in vain, said in a fit of piquethat he had slept with the chambermaid for two days and two nights. Contradictionthus grew intense, as is shown in the passionate tunes. The performance demonstrated rich alternations of mood.

Bamboo Flute Solo: Swallows Return

His left hand Holding the bamboo flutegently, his right hand dancing on the finger holes briskly and gracefully, the player overwhelmed us withenchanting merry music, in which we saw the swallows twittering between the beams and eagerly celebrated with the player the delight of seeing them return.

A Greeting from Classical Musicconsists oftraditional orchestral ensemble, instrumentalsolo, vocal solo and symphony. The activity plays an important role in enlightening thoughts, nourishing soulsand enriching life. It offers a great chance foreach FNUer to have “zero-distant” contact with elegantart so as to enhance theappreciationcapability.

The Traditional Orchestrafrom College of Music, FNU

FNU Chorus

Founded in 1985, the traditional orchestra from College of Music, FNUhasput on lots of performancesboth at home and abroad, andcultivated lots ofexcellent conductors and players of Chinese musical instruments. It has won several times the first prize ofthe professionalgroup inNational College Students Art Exhibition, the first prize ofinstrumental groups in Fujian Music & Dance Festival and the first prize ofinstrumental groups in Fujian College StudentsArt Festival. Moreover, the orchestrahas constantly participated in large-scale concerts staged by Fujian Province. It is popular among teenagers and audiences with different levels of appreciationfortheir passionate and bright performance.

Upcoming Events


FNU 110-year Anniversary & A Greeting from Classical Music(10 concerts)


Matinee(Daytime Show): 16:00-17:30; Evening Show: 19:00-20:30

From Nov. 6th to 10th, 2017


The ConcertHall in Qishan Campus, FNU

Come and Enjoy this musical feast.

(Translated by Fang Jingming, Reviewed by Lin Bin)



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