The 16th International Academic Seminar on Sino-Ryukyu Historical Relationship Kicks Off in Fuzhou


On December 11th, 2017, the 16th International Academic Seminar on Sino-Ryukyu Historical relationship, co-hosted by the Center for Studies of Fujian and Taiwan,the Research Instituteon Sino-Ryukyu Relationship and the Research Center for Cross-Strait Cultural Development of Fujian Normal University, kicked offin Fuzhou. More than 60 scholars from over ten universitiesin mainlandChina, Taiwan, Japan and Okinawa attended the seminar and submittedmore than 20 academic papers.

On behalf of FNU, Pan Yuteng, deputy secretary of FNUcommittee of the CPC, delivereda speech at the opening ceremony. After extendingawarm welcome to the representatives present, he gave a brief introduction of the school history,conditions andthe academic atmosphere of Sino-Ryukyu researchin FNU and expressed the hopethat academic exchangeswill further strengthen friendly tieswith OKinawa. Besides, Takra Kurayonshi, professor ofthe University of the Ryukyus, Zhu Delan, researcher ofTaiwanChung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology, Xiu Bin,professor of Ocean University of China and Wang Yaohua, professor of FNUgave speeches too.

With the theme of A Nation of Rites: Sino-Ryukyu Relationship and Asian Civilization, this seminar touchedon political, economic, religious, artistic and folk aspectsin the history of Sino-Ryukyu relationship. The representatives present conductedheated discussionson the themeandexchanged valuable research materials andrecent research achievements, thus promotingthe research onSino-Ryukyu relationshipand the maritime world in East Asia and cultural exchanges. It has been learned that the first International Academic Seminar on Sino-Ryukyu Historical Relationship was heldin 1986. Since then the seminar takes placeevery two yearswiththe Chinese mainland,TaiwanandOKinawa taking turns to hold it.As a high-level academic platform to researchSino-Ryukyu relationship, the International Academic Seminar on Sino-Ryukyu Historical Relationship has receiveda lot of attentionof researchersfromChina, Japan and other parts ofthe world who study the history of Ryukyu and Sino-Japaneserelationship.News media like China Review fromHongkong and Fujian SETV gavefollow-up reports on this seminar.

Translated by Fu DongxianReviewed by Xie Xiujuan)


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