Sino-Indian Contemporary Dance Drama Shiv-Yin on Its Tour in FNU


Sponsored by China Dancers Associationand co-producedby Chinese Literature and Art Fund,ShriRam Centre forPerforming Arts, SerendipityArts Trustand SRF, the contemporary dance drama Shiv-Yinwas performedin FNU onthe evening of Dec. 3rd. It captivated anaudience of 1000. Honored guests invited to enjoy the performance with ourteachers and studentsincludedFeng Shuangbai,Chairman of China Dancers Association& Deputy Director General and Secretary Generalof Chinese Literature and Art Fund, Luo Bin, SEC of CCP group, Vice-chairman and Secretary General ofChina Dancers Association, Xia Xiaohu, member of CCP group, Vice Secretary Generalof China Dancers Association, Zhang Ping, Executive Deputy Editor-in-Chiefof Dance& Vice Director of Chinese Arts Federation Dance Center, Chen Peizhao, Deputy Secretary General of Fujian Political Consultative Conference, Shi Zhenhua, Chairman of FujianDancers Association& Dean of the Fuzhou Opera House, and Miu Lirong, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Fujian Dancers Association,as well as experts attendingInternational symposium on development and cooperationofdances in the Maritime Silk Roadand Vice-president of FNU, Tu Rong.

The dance dramaShiv-Yin,featuring the cooperation of India and China, is co-choreographed by noted Indian choreographer Rukmini Chatterjee and Chinese dance artist TengAimin, Head of Beijing MunicipalContemporary Dance Troupe. “It is a beautiful love story that traverses the emotions of love, anger, jealousy and ultimate union, through a vibrant interpretation of classical Indian and contemporary Chinese dance forms. It explores the concept of the male and the female, known in Chinese as Yin and Yang through two distinct cultures. In a larger context, Shiv-Yin searches for commonalities between two great civilisations.” Rukminisaid. Its a great inheritance andinnovation.

(Translated by Fang Jingming, Edited by Lin Bin)


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