FNU Honored at the 12th Confucius Institute Conference


The 12th Confucius Institute Conference, heldon December 12th, in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, selected 70 Confucius Institutesfrom 1638all overthe world as model institutes / classes. TheConfuciusInstitute,co-founded by FNUand Angeles University Foundationin Philippine,was amongthe selectionand was alsoawardedOutstanding Contribution toChinese Proficiency Test. At the conference, LiuYandong, vice premierof the State Counciland chairman ofthe council of the Confucius Institute Headquarterspresented the awardtoArchimedes T.David, vice president of Angeles University Foundation.

It wasthe third timethattheInstitutehad won the honorary title of“GlobalModel Confucius Institute” after2011 and 2013. Moreover,it is of great significance to receive the award of Outstanding Contribution toChinese Proficiency Test”, since it was established in the tenth anniversary ofthe Test by the Confucius Institute Headquartersand International Chinese Proficiency Test Organization,aiming at honoring those who make primary contributions to organizingand disseminatingtheTest. It was also reported that YouYinyao, a graduate from FNU in 2009,won the honorary title ofModelIndividual” as a volunteer for teaching Chineseas a foreign languageinConfucius Institute atthe University of Utah.

FNUpersists to disseminate Chinesearound the world. Sofar, we haveestablished two Confucius institutes and one Confucius Class in Philippine,Indonesiaandthe United Statesrespectively. These institutes and class are successivelyawarded “GlobalModelConfucius Institute/ Class”,two presidents from our country in Confucius Institutesthe honorary title ofGlobalModelIndividual”. Thehonors won at the 12th Confucius Conferencearenot onlya commendation for achievements made by the Confucius Institute at Angeles University Foundation but alsoa recognition for our promotion of Chinese language worldwide.

(Translated byLv Yizhen Reviewed by Chen Fang)


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