FNU Professor Li Xiaowei Serves as Art Director in the Documentary Cross Taiwan Broadcast on CCTV-9


Recently, the large historical and humanistic documentary Cross Taiwanwas first broadcast on CCTV-9, earning the rating of 1.21 and the click rate of more than 870,000 on online video platform iQiyi. Professor Li Xiaowei, from College of Fine Art, FNU, was invited to serve as art director of the documentary, who created all the portrait sketches and drawings in it. He also completed over 300 character statues and scenery paintings for nothing for the cast. All his works vividly represent the images of heroes, literati and common people like peddlers in the history of over 400 years in Taiwan. The narrative style of the whole documentary is novel with breathtaking pictures. Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council PRC rates the documentary as clarifying the source and being of great historical and practical significance.

The documentary was jointly produced by Publicity Department of Fujian Provincial committee, United Front Work Department of Fujian Provincial committee, Taiwan Affairs Officeof Fujian Peoples Government and Fujian Provincial Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television. The production began in 2009, and lasted for 8 years. The documentary totals 14 episodes with 56 minutes for each. Starting from the ancient times of Taiwan, the documentary focuses on its history of over 400 years from the late Ming Dynasty to 1945 when Taiwan was taken back by Peoples Republic of China. The spectacular historical pictures of China mainland ancients immigrating to, developing, building and defending Taiwan represent the historical development of Taiwan and the same historical origin of people across the Taiwan Strait. It is a historical memory shared by cross-strait people.

(Translated by Fang Jingming, Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)


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