Chen Jingming Visits Sanming Forest Ecosystem and Global Change Research Station


On March 15th, accompanied bySecretary of FNU Party CommitteeLin Heping, Vice President of FNU Yang Yusheng,and heads of Collegeof Geographical Sciences,Prof. Chen Jingming, an academician attheAcademy of Science of the Royal Society of Canada,led a delegation including Prof. Liu Jingxian fromthe School of Atmospheric Sciences, Nanjing University, and Shang Jiali, a seniorresearcherofAgriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)on a research visit to FNUs Sanming Forest Ecosystem and Global Change Research Station.

The delegation,led by Chen Jingming, visited the research station building and some experimental bases. They listened carefully to reportsabout the experimental platform construction, academic exchange and cooperation, scientific research achievements, large-scale experimental plans for the future and other aspects of the research station in recent years. They also had an in-depth exchange with the research station staff on field data observation and collection.

Prof.Chen Jingmingthought highly ofthe achievements the research station has made. He believedthat the research station provides a valuable fieldpractice platform for teachers and students to conduct scientific research, which plays a significant role in promoting the development of teaching and scientific research atFNU. He hoped that he could carry out further collaborationswithFNU.

(Translated by Zhou Yanling, Reviewed byXie Xiujuan)


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