2018 Annual Meeting on the New Media Work of the National School CYL Held at FNU


Recently, the annual meeting of the National SchoolCommunist Youth League (CYL) on the new media work was held on the Qishan campus of FNU. Li Ji, vice directorof the School Departmentof the CentralCommittee of the Communist Youth League (CCCYL), Zhang Guangyao, director of NetworkCulture Division of NetworkSocial Work Bureau of the Cyberspace Administration of Chinaand Wu Dezu, director of the Network Public Opinion Division ofthe Publicity Department of CCCYL,attended the meeting. Zhang Jiyu, team leader of the project Amazing Chinaon the CCTV Finance Channel, Xiang Anling, executive vice deanofQingbo Institute, Chen Xiao, director of New Media Operation Center of the National School CYL, Chen Xunming, deputy secretary of Fujian Provincial Communist Youth League Committee and school leadersWang Changping and Ye Shenwere also present. A total of 500 representatives attended the meeting,who werefrom the schooldepartmentsof the provincial Communist Youth League Committee across Chinaandfrom more than 200 colleges and universities in China includingFNU.

FNU President Wang Changpingdelivered a speech atthe meeting. He said that almost everyone in contemporary colleges and universities surfs the internet everyday and everywhere and that the internet has become the main battlefieldof ideological and political education in universities and of ideological struggle. He also pointed out that in recent years, FNU has been actively adapting to and grasping the new work requirements in this era of new media, striving to tryfirst, sticking to the principles of rising to the occasion, advancing with the times and innovating according to the trend,and promoting a high degree of integration of the traditional advantages of ideological and political work with modern information technology. In terms of the new media education work, FNU has created a new model of ideological and political education for undergraduate students called Five Micros and Five Fields, launched an onlinecartoon character FNUXiao Kuiand released a batchof online cultural productsXiao Kui Saysseries, which washighly recognized by relevant departments and repeatedly reported by the mainstream media such as CCTV News and People's Dailywitha good demonstration effect.

Vice directorof the School Departmentof CCCYLLi Ji honoredFNU with the title DisseminationBase ofXi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Erafor Chinese University Students. He fully recognizedFNUs network new media work and made arrangements for the special work of the new media of the School CYLin 2018 in terms of background of the times, demands of the youth, top design, and content supply. He also pointed out that in the future, the new media of the School CYL should focus on the four aspects ofplatform construction, outputconstruction, capacity building and service construction and tryto build a resource management service platform, realizing the interaction and resources sharing amongvarious new media platforms and promoting the transition and integration of new media between the CYLand Schools.

At the meeting,FNUYouth League Committee also released some original products, including three forms of Xiao Kui, fiveseries, The Xiao KuiPattern: an Exploration of Activating the Ideological and Political Education with New Media,and introduced FNUs experience in effectivelyspreadingmainstream values among young students, which aroused enthusiastic response from the audience. In addition, theFNU Xiao KuiStudio was awardedone of the first excellent professional studios of the National School CYLand the leaderof the studiowas awardedthe title of Advanced Individual.

(Translated by Fu Dongxian,Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)


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