FNU College of Social Development Holds the 2nd Xian Liang Harbor Mazu Culture Forum & Seminar on Cross-Strait Mazu Belief and Maritime Silk Road


The seminar, jointly organized by College of Social Development,FNU, the Institute of World Religions of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Chinese Religious Society, Fujian Art Research Institute, School of Culture and Communication of Putian University and Fujian Putian Working Committee of North Bank Economic Development Zone, was held recently in Xian Liang Harbor, the birthplace of Mazu. A total of more than 40 experts and scholars from famous universitiesand research institutionsat home and abroad, including State University of New York, University of Malaya, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Xiamen University and Taiwan Academia Sinica, were invited to attend the seminar. Scholars present conductedheated discussions about Mazu belief and Maritime Silk Road, the relationship between Mazu belief culture and the construction of Mazu city, Tin Hau Ancestral Temple in Xian Liang Harbor andRecords of Tin Hau’s Coronation, comparative study of cross-strait Mazu belief culture, etc. The seminar contributes a lot not only to the study of Mazu belief but also to cross-strait academic and cultural communication.

(Translated byHuang Lijun,Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)


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