FNU Holds the Opening Ceremony of Self-Improvement College


On May 20th, with the 28th National Day of Assisting Persons with Disabilities approaching,Self-Improvement College of Fujian Normal University(FNU)was established on the Cangshan Campus.Lv Shiming, member of the NPC Standing Committeeand vice chairman of China Disabled Persons’ Federation(CDPF), Hong Jiexu, vice chairman of Fujian Provincial Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Lin Heping, directorof FujianEducation Department, Ke Shaoyu, chairmanof Fujian Disabled Persons’ Federation, You Jiarui, former executivevice minister of United Front Work Department of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committeeanddeanof Fujian Lixue School for Classical Studies, Yang Yongrang, former political commissar of Fujian Artillery Division for Reserve Duty andformer vice director of Political Department of Fujian Provincial Military Region, Zhou Jian, vice director of Department of Rights Security of China Disabled Persons’ Federation, Zhou Yan, vice secretary-general ofChina Education Association for International Exchange(CEAIE), He Zhongguo, editor-in-chief of Cadres Tribune by Party School of the CPC Central Committee, Huang Wenchuan, deputy editor-in-chief of Tianjin Daily, Chen Qiang, vice director of Fujian Disabled Persons’ Federation, Zheng Shengtao, founder of Fujian Provincial Foundation for Self-Improving and Helping the Disabled and Needy Students(FPFSHDNS) and FNU leaders Wang Changping, Pan Yuteng, Ye Shen, Huang Qingbo, and Zheng Jiajian, attended theceremony. Representatives from CDPF, CEAIE, Xinhua News Agencyand Qiushi(seeking truth) magazine, from colleges oruniversities such as Xiamen University, Fujian Agriculture and ForestryUniversity, Minnan Normal University, Sanming University, Longyan University, Wuyishan Vocational College, from differentsectors of societyand some teachers and students from FNUattended the plaque unveiling ceremony, presided over by vice president of FNU Zheng Jiajian.

FNUPresident Wang Changping addressed the opening ceremony.After a brief introduction of FNU, he pointed out that education is an important source of life for people with disabilities, and afundamental approach totheir self-reliance.Theestablishment ofSelf-Improvement College aimsto enable disabled people to have a chance to receive better higher education, develop in an all-round way, integrate into society, and become self-reliant, which will be of great significance in developingand practicingthe socialistcore values, calling onthe whole societyto care about and help people with disabilities, andpromoting the development of civic morality and spiritual civilization.He said that FNU alumnus Zheng Shengtaopracticed the self-improving concept, supported the construction of his alma mater, did his best to help college students from families withfinancial difficulties and with disabilities, and made unremitting efforts to set up Self-Improvement College, which was respectable and touching.FNUwill take theestablishment ofSelf-Improvement College as an opportunity to vigorously promote the humanitarian spirit, tryto do something good andsubstantial for the disabled, advocate equality and friendly interpersonal relationships, and build a beautifulcampuswhere people care about and help each other.

In his speech, vice chairman Lv Shiming pointed out that in recent years disability projectshave madegreat achievements and wongoodreputationsabroad. Disability projects with Chinese characteristics are embarking on a new journeyin the new era andfacing a brilliant new future. Self-Improvement College of FNUwill add new connotations to higher educationin the new era, adding new missions and pursuits, and newresponsibilities for college students to fulfil.He emphasized that the establishment of Self-Improvement Collegeis a flag of humanity at Fujian Normal University,an epitome of excellence for universities of integrating disabled and non-disabled studentsand also an interpretation of spiritual educationfeaturing barrier-free beauty and humanity and a manifestation of prevalent civilization.

AlumnusMr. Zheng Shengtao, professor of English of Minnan Normal University andfounder of FPFSHDNS was hiredas the first dean of Self-Improvement College, Fujian Normal University. He said that the establishment of Self-Improvement Collegeispioneeringin integration educationand helping the disabled and supporting the needyand issupport and assistance to hisdream of establishing Self-Improvement Collegegiven by FNU with practical actions.

After the plaqueunveiling ceremony, theceremony of founding Research Center for Accessibility Development, Fujian Normal Universityand the signing ceremony for strategiccooperation between CEAIE and FPFSHDNSwere held.The lectures aboutintegrationeducation of barrier-free care in the new erawere given. Tang Zhanxin, director of management committee of specific fund for “Barrier-free Care Project”, Barrier-free Concept DisseminationCenter of Self-Improvementand Talent Cultivation (Beijing), FPFSHDNSand director-generalof Noval Inception Foundation, Ye Lei, an alumna andrepresentative of self-improving university students, Zheng Shengtao, the first dean of Self-Improvement College,and Shao Lei, executive dean of Institute for Accessibility Development, Tsinghua University,were invited to deliver a lecture respectively. Onthe evening of May 20th, a party for charity under the themeMy Self-Improving Dreams & Sharing Barrier-FreeLovewas heldat the ComprehensiveGymnasiumon theCangshan Campusto celebrate the establishment of the new college. Members of China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupewere invited to perform their popular programssuch as The Thousand-HandedGoddess of Mercy.

Self-Improvement College, jointly established by Fujian Normal University andFPFSHDNSand operated by College of Online Education and Continuing Education, is an inter-disciplinary college with accessibility, aiming atpushing forwardintegration education of disabled and healthy students. Furthermore, the college will also set up a self-improvingfund, and cooperate with related enterprisesin production, education, and research to help more disabled people integrate into society and receive higher education.

AlumnusMr. Zheng Shengtao was born in Zhenghe County,Nanping City, Fujian Province in 1963. After being born for 4 months, he suffered poliomyelitis,which led to his disabled legs. From 1979 to 1981, he attended the college entranceexam for threeconsecutive years. Despite his high marks that surpassed the admission scoresof key universities, he was still rejected. After three-year self-study, he took postgraduate entrance examsfor three times. In 1987, he finallygotadmitted by Fujian Normal Universityas an English major and became the first disabled person to work on amasters degree. Later, Mr. Zheng Shengtao gradually grew up intoas a professor and founded FPFSHDNS, Fujian Shengtao Industrial Investment Group, etc. He also wins the titleslikeNational Merit Teacher, National Self-improving Model.

(Translated by Wang Sijie, Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)


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