Final Conference of EU Erasmus+ Programme-Co-funded IUCLAND Project Held at FNU


Recently, thefinal conference oftheInternational University Cooperation on Land Degradation in European-Asiatic Countries (IUCLAND) project, co-funded by the EU Erasmus+Programme, was held atFNU. More than 30 academicians of12 universitiesand research centers from the 6European-Asiaticcountriesof the project partners (China, Italy, Slovakia, Croatia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan), attended the meeting. This international conferencemainly coveredland conservation stakeholdersworkshop, results reporting and sustainability of the project.

At the conference, the representativesfocused on theresultsachieved throughout the project development, project quality control management, final progress report, project budgetimplementation,sustainability of the project and so on. The academicianrepresentatives from Huazhong Agricultural University, Institute of Soil Science of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Universityof Molise(Italy), Slovak Universityof Agriculture, Universityof Zagreb(Croatia)and FNU respectively madespecial reportsand conducted round-tablediscussions and exchanges. The representativesalso took a field trip toFuzhou mountain areas for Sustainable Development and Utilization Project.

Since theIUCLANDproject wasapproved in 2015, the project partners have organized11workshops in the form of webinars,6 summer schools and 5 international project meetings. Over700 postgraduates (including PhD students)and teachers have been involvedintheinternational training. The project has promotededucational exchanges and cooperation amonguniversities and research centersofthe European-Asiatic countries, and deepenedexchangesand internationaltechnological cooperation inland degradation mitigation strategies.

(Translated by Zhou Yanling, reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)


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